Being Horizontal…

Body… Dizzy
Mind… Dizzy
Mood… Dizzy, Intense

Spent most of yesterday horizontal.

The morning started whatever–body achy, brain felt like somebodyplugged in a morphine drip (this drugged feeling without drugs is getting old, quick).  Right after breakfast, while emptying the dishwasher, started getting wobbley–couldn’t trust myself not to drop a plate or glass.  I laid down and stayed semi-conscious for a couple of hours.  And that is how the rest of the day went.  I would get up, deteremined to cook, and I’d have to go back to being horizontal.  Not sure what caused it.  Low blood pressure?  I took a salt tablet–no help.  Low blood sugar?  Fruit didn’t help, either.  Wife was great, though.

So that was my Sunday.  Had every intention of writing most of the day, but what’s the saying?  Man plans, God laughs.  Heh.

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