The First Post…

First posts are always a bitch, so I am going to practice the much desired discipline of brevity.

Body… Achy
Mind… Foggy
Mood… Cranky

Felt poorly most of the day.  Walked around feeling pretty wound-up, physically–a lot of bracing.  Stairs were a challenge, but not as bad as some days.  Walking made me breathe heavy–hard to catch my breath.

Had two auditions.  Meditated before I left the house.  Voice was okay, for a change.  Not great, but okay. The foggy brain giving me trouble with the copy, but I think I gave decent reads.

Went home before my acting class.  Ate, did some work, meditated again–meditation helps me with bracing.  It helps me relax the tension out of my body, with the by-product of pain management.  The less tension I have, the less bracing.  The less bracing, the easier time my muscles have of it.

Went to class.  Had decent energy.  By my second scene, had a wonderful headache, limbs got heavy.  The scene had some intense stuff going on.  I feel I didn’t fare well (what actor does?).  I mean, really… I felt pretty shitty.  There’s probably some kind of inverse square law going on, but from experience, when I’m having a heavy fatigue day, my emotional state after class tends to be rather not so generous to myself.  Knowing this, it’s easier to cut myself some slack–and I do.  Practice makes perfect.